Alberta Whitetail Deer Hunting Trips

Bring your family, your friends, and anyone else you can think of, and Bear Bonez will be there to find the perfect white-tailed or mule deer for you — a promise we ensure.

Whitetail hunts will be held in WMU 508, an hour outside Edmonton, near Busby, Alberta. Hunting will be done out of heated and unheated blinds or spot and stock. With many farmlands and small bush pockets, deer have become weary of hunters; this is why our honey hole locations are placed in areas where pressure is nil. The deer frequent fields usually have had peas, wheat, canola, oats, or alfa-alfa recently farmed off, leaving great food on-site for the deer to get through Alberta’s frigid weather. Alberta deer are known for their body size; Dylan took one of the biggest deer we recorded the weight on. Hanging on the scale with just the meat and bones was 215lbs. The rule of thumb is to double that weight for the on-the-hoof weight, making it a whopping 430lbs. I can tell you firsthand that it was not easy to load this deer into the truck.



  • Whitetail hunt is being held in WMU 508
  • Accommodation in large log home on site
  • This hunt is held for returning clients and Friends
  • Archery:  Sept 1 – Oct 31
  • Rifle: Nov 1 – Nov 30
  • Bedding and Meals included
  • Includes All licences and taxes